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Testcontainers June Roundup

AUTHOR: The AtomicJar team

Hey there! It's time for round three of the Testcontainers monthly newsletter. We have some product updates, news from the world of Testcontainers' open-source, and much more to share with you. Please enjoy!

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Testcontainer Cloud Updates

Filter dashboards by container image names

Ever wondered if you have tests that rely on old container images? Need to check that you're not accidentally using latest in your tests? Curious what other teams are testing with?

You can now filter the dashboards by container image name! By selecting one or more images, your dashboards will show the associated volume of testing activity over time, the number of containers run by image, and the latest test sessions that included these images.

Filter dashboards with unique session or worker id

You can now filter the dashboards by any id found in the logs. When debugging a specific test run or CI job, you often want to see only the corresponding session in the dashboard. You can now copy any unique id, including the session's id or even a given worker's id (sometimes also referred as a "lease" in logs). By pasting this id in the "filter sessions" bar, you will not only locate the session, but also tailor the activity and container widgets to get immediate answers.

Testcontainers OSS News


Getting started with Testcontainers for Node.js

This guide will help you to get started with Testcontainers for Node.js by demonstrating how you can use PostgreSQL for testing.

Working with jOOQ and Flyway using Testcontainers

This guide will explain how to test your jOOQ and Flyway based application by generating java code from database using Testcontainers.

Development and Testing of Quarkus applications using Testcontainers

This guide will explain how to build and test Quarkus applications using Testcontainers.


Running Testcontainers tests using GitHub Actions and Testcontainers Cloud

Learn how to run Testcontainers based tests using GitHub Actions and Testcontainers Cloud and gain test execution insights from Dashboard. 

Why Integration Testing Is Key to Testing Microservices

In this post you will learn why integration testing is crucial for Microservices testing and how Testcontainers help with it.

Testing Kafka Applications with Testcontainers

In this post, you will learn how to test Kafka applications using Testcontainers using a sample Spring Boot application.


Testcontainers-dotnet 3.3.0 released, it adds support to copy files and directories to the container. Also, support for Docker Desktop for Linux and MacOS was added.

Testcontainers-go 0.21.0 released with added k3s module, NATS JetStream example, and provisioning of container logs on container startup failures. Also added a proper setup of docker_host discovery strategies.

Testcontainers-java 1.18.3 released and introduced new strategies to detect the docker.sock. An issue was reported in v1.18.1-v1.18.2 (see #7082), so it is highly recommended to use version 1.18.3.

Testcontainers-node 9.9.1 released with added Selenium WebDriver module, MySQL connection URI utility function, and Cache Docker client config lookup. It also now allows both string and string[] for container exec commands.

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