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Testcontainers November Roundup

AUTHOR: The AtomicJar team

Hello! Welcome to the November edition of our Testcontainers newsletter. In this month's roundup, you'll find Testcontainers Cloud and Desktop product updates, the latest OSS news, and recently published blogposts. Please enjoy!

Testcontainers Desktop updates

Inspect running containers

View and interact with running containers in the Testcontainers Desktop application. The Containers menu in the drop-down provides immediate visual feedback on the number of running containers. You'll discover extra options for interacting with these containers within the submenu.

Testcontainers Cloud updates

Invite your teammates by Email

Apart from inviting teammates through a shared link, you can now invite colleagues to your Testcontainers Cloud workspace by email. Input an email list, choose roles, and dispatch the invite; your teammates will receive an email containing instructions on how to join your workspace.

Access your Testcontainers Cloud session by SSH

You can now establish a direct SSH connection to your Testcontainers Cloud session right from the dashboard page. Just click on the "Connect" sub-menu in your session record line, and you'll be navigated to the cloud worker terminal.

Testcontainers OSS News


What’s new with Testcontainers in Spring Boot 3.2.0

Earlier this year, Spring Boot 3.1.0 released a seamless integration with Testcontainers through ConnectionDetails and ServiceConnection abstractions. Now, with Spring Boot version 3.2.0 out, let’s look at what’s specifically new with the Testcontainers integration.

Testcontainers Best Practices

In this article, let us explore some Do’s and Don’ts while using Testcontainers libraries. We are going to show code snippets in Java, but the concepts are applicable for other languages as well.

Running Testcontainers tests on Buildkite

Buildkite is a powerful CI/CD platform addressing modern complex software development needs with its rich ecosystem of plugins. This article will explore how to run Testcontainers-based tests on the Buildkite platform.

Common Pitfalls of Integration Testing in Java

In this article, you’ll learn about the common pitfalls developers encounter during integration testing in Java. For each of these pitfalls, you’ll learn about effective solutions to help you overcome them.

Latest releases

Testcontainers for Java

The 1.19.3 release of Testcontainers for Java brings fixes of regression using GenericContainer and bugs in SQLScriptScanner, as well as introducing a registration of default network alias using ContainerDef.

Testcontainers for Node

The 10.3.2 release of Testcontainers for Node was focused on housekeeping and introduces a reuse PortForwarder container if it is running.

Testcontainers for Go

The 3.6.0 release of Testcontainers for .Net introduces K6 and Cassandra modules, a mage-keep option for built images, support for replacing images with custom substitutions, and ignore of patterns defined in dockerignore. Also, there are changes in documentation, bug fixes and some housekeeping.


Diagrid joins Testcontainers Official Module Program

We are thrilled to announce the addition of the Dapr Testcontainers module to our suite of Official Testcontainers Modules, allowing developers to streamline Dapr local application development & testing. The Testcontainers module which was developed together with Diagrid, allows developers to iterate fast and locally on Dapr applications  – without leaving their IDE and without the need to deploy their application to a Kubernetes cluster.

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