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Testcontainers September Roundup

AUTHOR: The AtomicJar team

Hey there! It's time for our September Testcontainers newsletter. In this edition, we're thrilled to unveil some fantastic new Testcontainers Desktop and Cloud features, enhancements to our open-source libraries, new blog posts, and last but not least, we want to share details about our Community Champions program.

Testcontainers Community Champions Program

We’re excited to spread the word about our Testcontainers Community Champions program.

Testcontainers Community Champions are passionate about Testcontainers and use their knowledge and skills to help others succeed.

We encourage you to connect with our Community Champions. Whether you’re new to Testcontainers or an experienced user, these champions are here to share their knowledge, answer your questions, and help you get the most out of Testcontainers. They are brilliant examples of the Testcontainers community, and we’re confident that their expertise and passion will inspire you.

Testcontainers Desktop updates

Adopt Testcontainers Desktop as your container runtime (early access)

Currently, the app lets you switch container runtimes, and the free plan even includes 300 minutes per month of cloud runtime! But so far, you needed to install and maintain docker, rancher or podman separately. No longer! Read more...

Clean up containers without manual docker commands

Testcontainers Desktop now includes a simple option to "Terminate containers" that cleans up all running Testcontainers-powered containers, while sparing other vanilla containers. Besides cleaning-up reusable containers, this also comes in handy when freezing container shutdown. Read more...

Testcontainers Cloud updates

Link your test sessions to your CI pipeline

Your dashboards can already link to the associated project (e.g. github repo). They now also link to the workflow that triggered a test session, such as a CI pipeline or job. Combined with the automatic link from the CI to your Testcontainers Cloud dashboard, this makes navigation seamless in both directions.

Navigate from your CI to the test sessions in your dashboards

When reviewing your CI pipelines you might want to spot-check the corresponding test sessions in your Testcontainers Cloud dashboards. This can allow you to validate which images run, their sequence, etc. You can now quickly navigate to your dashboards thanks to a direct link available in your logs.

Testcontainers OSS News


Running Testcontainers Tests Using Azure Pipelines

In this article we explore how to run Testcontainers-based tests using Azure Pipelines on the Azure DevOps Platform. You'll learn how to run your Java and Spring Boot application tests in Azure pipelines and even how to enable Testcontainers Cloud for your builds there.

Simplify Testing Cloud-Native Applications with Testcontainers and LocalStack

Testcontainers and LocalStack help ensure that your cloud-native apps are well tested from day one. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up Testcontainers and LocalStack in a Java Spring Boot app to simplify running integration tests of apps that rely on AWS.

The Growth in Popularity of Integration Tests: Examples and Use Cases

In this article, you'll see examples of how well-known open source projects are using Testcontainers based approach for their integration tests.

Testcontainers: The Simplest Way to Test Kubernetes Operators

From this deeply technical blog post you’ll learn how to use Testcontainers to test Kubernetes operators. We will configure a Quarkus-based Kubernetes operator to use Testcontainers’ K3s module and add tests to confirm the operator code works as expected.

Latest releases

Testcontainers for .NET

The 3.5.0 release of Testcontainers for .NET comes with a new InfluxDB module improvement to the existing MongoDB module and support for TLS authentication agains Docker sockets that require authentication. It also contains a bug fix related to multi-stage Dockerfiles, so building images as part of tests using a multi-stage should be better supported now.

Testcontainers for Go

The new Testcontainers for Go release 0.25 is out, with a bunch of new features (log message wait strategies can now be configured using a regular expression) and internal improvements (for example, for our module generator). It also comes with improvements for existing modules (like Localstack and RedPanda) and many new modules for popular technologies, such as Elasticsearch, Apache Kafka, NATS and MariaDB. We also added testable examples to our modules to make getting started even easier; check out these examples of the PostgreSQL module or this one for RedPanda.


Upcoming events

Micronaut Framework, Tests, and Test Resources

YouTube stream with Sergio Del Amo: Oct 10, 2023

Sergio is the Micronaut Development Lead Engineer at the Micronaut Foundation. He's a member of the Micronaut Foundation Board Of Directors and the Micronaut Technology Advisory Board.

In this episode, we'll talk about the Micronaut Framework, integration tests, Micronaut Test Resources, how to set up a development environment with all these technologies and explore other questions about the Micronaut Framework.

Past events

WireMock - Mock the APIs You Depend On

YouTube stream with Oleg Nenashev

We're joined by Oleg, from the WireMock team to talk about mocking API, how to use WireMock, and how to easily create mocks of popular third-party services. From this stream, you'll learn the best practices and gotchas to learn how to use WireMock efficiently.

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